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Battin Farms Equine and Soldier Sanctuary
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Average cost to rehabilitate a horse.

Average cost can run upto $1800 to cover farrier, hay, feed, veterinary care, and any dental care needed. You will also have additional expenses to train/retrain the animal to be used for therapy.

Tuesday, August 23 2016

The latest statistic shows that an average of 22 veterans commit suicide a day, This is another reason we need all the support we can get. Please help us save as many lives as we can. Horse therapy helps our veterans who suffer from PTSD.

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Monday, August 15 2016

We are asking for your help to save as many of these animals as possible and rehabilitate them also provide horse therapy for disabled veterans.

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Sunday, August 14 2016

The following is a SAD but true occurence and we need your help to give these animals the second chance at a forever home. No animal deserves to be treated like this.





Purchased by Kill Buyers

When a horse is ridden or run loose into the auction ring, the auctioneer will quickly try to run up the bidding price. Often, kill buyers—middlemen who represent or sell to horse slaughter plants—can be seen standing inside the auction ring, communicating directly with the auctioneer. At many auctions, would-be buyers include not only families looking for riding horses, but also horse rescue organizations that rehabilitate and adopt horses to loving homes. However, kill buyers often outbid rescues and legitimate horse owners, robbing the horses of the opportunity for a second chance at life.

Transport to Slaughter

While the auction environment is stressful, confusing and dangerous for horses, once they are purchased by kill buyers, their suffering only intensifies. Driven by profit, the kill buyer will cram as many horses as possible onto a livestock trailers for the long journey to a feedlot or foreign-owned slaughter plant. As in the auction pens, no regard is given to the age, sex, breed or temperament of the horses. Even pregnant mares, foals, and injured and blind horses endure appalling conditions—no food, water or rest. In the crowded, cramped confines of a trailer, fighting, serious injuries and even deaths are regular occurrences. Those who fall down or are injured en route are considered just "the cost of doing business."

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Sunday, August 14 2016

Kaufman Kill Pen | Facebook
We need all the support we can get to help save these majestic animals. 
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Saturday, August 13 2016
Beautiful Photo

This is a beautiful photo but in a sad place. Please open your hearts and help us not only save the horses but also save Soldiers lives. There is something special about building a bond with a horse and it can and has helped soldiers not just with PTSD, but other disabilities as well. We ask you please help us save as many lives as possible. Go to our GO FUND ME PAGE    


Thank you in advance for your support.

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Saturday, August 13 2016
Lets be there for the Horses
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Saturday, August 13 2016
This picture says a lot!!!
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Saturday, August 13 2016
Only 3% of Population have walked the walk
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Wednesday, August 10 2016
Horse Slaughter controversy still rages

It is just a shame that this is happening. These horses do not deserve this. Please help these horses, You can go to our gofundme link and make a donation. We are in process of having shirts made and as soon as they are done we will send you a shirt for any donation of $25.00 or more. Thank you in advance for your dedication to help us save as many of these anumals as possible.

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Tuesday, August 09 2016

Today has been a great day we had a generous donation of $500.00 from another Equine lover. I would like to shout out to Flavia Suchodolski your donation is greatly appreciated.

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2022 is the start of a new begining as we have purchased our own land and are in the process of building a new facility to offer more services and not have to worry about anyone selling land on us.  Total project cost is $185,000.00 so far we have raised $3500 towards this venture.  

5 year Anniversary Horse Beauty Contest.  Please help us in deciding who is the best looking.  We are asking that votes be as follows   Grant AKA Fabio  $2.00 donation,Stella AKA Queen of the Stable $3.00 and Palmer AKA Big Boy Floyd $5.00  all proceeds go directly to horses care. We will run this contest until Labor Day so please help us pick a winner.  Votes can be done by clicking donate button on website or by Venmo @Battinfarm

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    We started this journey not just to save Equine  but to also save Soldiers who suffer from PTSD, and other disabilities as well. If you have ever owned a horse or have been around them you know there is something special about developing a bond with one of these magnificent animals.

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