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Average cost to rehabilitate a horse.

Average cost can run upto $1800 to cover farrier, hay, feed, veterinary care, and any dental care needed. You will also have additional expenses to train/retrain the animal to be used for therapy.

Friday, June 23 2017

Well we are 2 months from starting this venture a year ago, it has been tiresome dealing with all the paperwork involved but definitely worth it. I have been in contact with V.A. center in Battle Creek and they are aware we are here to offer our services at no charge to veterans. We have received some great sponsors and we are greatly appreciative, with out the help of sponsors and individual donations we would not be able to continue. The miniature donkeys are doing amazing, they are so loving and want all the attention you will give them.  Since they had their first pedicure they love to run in the pasture.  Grant has been a great addition to us we are greatful that the Applemans donated him to us. Grant is going for "Horse" training towards end of July, yes Horse training he thinks he is a pet and not a horse. He did amazing when we put a saddle on him he did not flinch or try to run away. He lets me lift all 4 hooves he is a loving horse.  he loves the water. I was filling his big water trough and he wanted to get wet he stood there turning in circles wanting me to spray him down. he even tried getting into the 300 gallon water trough, so we are going to get him one of those low sided long inflatable pools he can play in.

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Tuesday, November 15 2016

My wife and I have been around horses most of our lives and we would go to horse and tack auctions and got really discouraged at how some people treat horses and would drug them up just to sell them at auction because they could not do anything with them. As for helping the Veterans, As a Veteran myself I wanted to be able to offer a service that has great results to help fellow Veterans with disabilities. Therapy Horses have been proven to be a great soucre to help Veterans decompress and build a bond with an amazing animal. Once we get one of our grants Our services to Veterans will be free of charge to them. We will operate on applying for grants, donations and possible adoption fees of rehabilited horses. We have a strict adoption guideline and we will offer boarding to anyone who adopts one of our horses who do not have the space to keep them. We ask for everyone's support and if possible your donation.  

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Monday, October 17 2016


This is why we are doing what we are and we continue to need your support.

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Monday, October 10 2016

Due to facebook rues we had to start a new page for Battin Farms Equine & Soldier Sanctuary. We hope everyone continues to follow and support us. We have 3 different grants out hoping one gets approved. We still need all the support we can get to be able to offer our services for the horses and our veterans.  For donation of 15.00 we will send you one of our shirts. We have sent them to California and Brazil.  We want tothank everyone who has supported us in our efforts so far. 

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Wednesday, October 05 2016

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Wednesday, October 05 2016

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Wednesday, October 05 2016

It is documented that horse therapy for veterans who suffer from PTSD has a tremendous impact on them and it helps them. This is why here at Battin Farms we want to be able tooffer these services to help our veterans in need, and do our part to help reduce the number of our nations veterans who commit suicide due to this.  We have 3 grant proposals outto help us cover the imense cost of operating. 

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Tuesday, September 20 2016

Practical Horseman Magazine recently had an article explaining study between horses and Veterans who suffer from PTSD. The article says that horses have helped decrease the signifcance of their suffering. For this reason is why here at Battin Farms we are doing what we are by offering horse therapy to our Veterans.

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Tuesday, September 13 2016

We would like to thank everyone that came out to Charlotte Frontier Days to see us and support our cause. We had a great time meeting everyone and getting the word out about what we are doing. We encourage everyone to share our website and help us save as many horses and our Veterans as possible. 

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Tuesday, August 23 2016

The latest statistic shows that an average of 22 veterans commit suicide a day, This is another reason we need all the support we can get. Please help us save as many lives as we can. Horse therapy helps our veterans who suffer from PTSD.

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2022 is the start of a new begining as we have purchased our own land and are in the process of building a new facility to offer more services and not have to worry about anyone selling land on us.  Total project cost is $185,000.00 so far we have raised $3500 towards this venture.  

5 year Anniversary Horse Beauty Contest.  Please help us in deciding who is the best looking.  We are asking that votes be as follows   Grant AKA Fabio  $2.00 donation,Stella AKA Queen of the Stable $3.00 and Palmer AKA Big Boy Floyd $5.00  all proceeds go directly to horses care. We will run this contest until Labor Day so please help us pick a winner.  Votes can be done by clicking donate button on website or by Venmo @Battinfarm

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    We started this journey not just to save Equine  but to also save Soldiers who suffer from PTSD, and other disabilities as well. If you have ever owned a horse or have been around them you know there is something special about developing a bond with one of these magnificent animals.

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